NMB singles dischography 2011-now



  • Send me a name of pairing
  • Send me a name of song that remind you of that pairing (any songs is okay, not necessary a 48groups or ngzk46 song
  • i will make  you a graphic and probably write a short fic,

April 15th — and with 1 note


Change your mind
何も知らなくていい Beginner!

Mayuyu’s official solo singles till now

April 15th — and with 123 notes


sayamilky xjungle gym for rina


Nogizaka46xshakiism for mochichan00


- 君の銀の庭 (Your Silver Garden) by Kalafina (gifs from Nogizaka46’s PMMM CM)

Anonymous yelled:
queen of unique gifs and i think you are pretty smart too, since you take master degree in the best university in your country

Thank youuuuuu anon you are too nice, i am not that great

and i honestly think i am just lucky that i past the entrance test/sobs, but thank you ;—-; 

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Shinoda Mariko (maricollet3) IG 04.11.2014:


"Viking together with Sayanee 😎💕 it was fun 💋 outfit #BALENCIAGA"

Anonymous yelled:
very creative , i want to be a friend, but you seem too cool for the ordinary one

thank you for thinking that i am creative ;w; i will try harder ugh but i am not cool at all , i am ordinary too so come to me and be my friends :)

April 11th — and with 0 notes

Here they go again


Pairing : Yamamoto Sayaka/ Watanabe Miyuki

Rating :pg 13

Genre :Fluff, Romance

Summary :  Boys please, cheesy pick lines will never win frozen  hearts of two ladies with a high taste


Here they go again, leaving  their warm apartment bed to taste a whimsical night life. Sayanee and Miruki, two  early twenty  girls who represent fervent  youth and attractive beauty, clad in shimmering little black dresses which hug their sensual curves perfectly, diamond studded boots and smooth make up ( beige powder, smoky eyeliner, cherry plum lipstick and fresh pink tinted blush)

They stride across the club, stand up straight  with all their grandeur, swinging their slim waist as they keep chins and heads high. It doesn’t take a long time to steal the attention of  people in the club with  their alarming presence. 

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