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Anonymous asked: your edits are beautiful, i am officialy a fan!

cries happily  ;—; i am officially a fan of your nice message too anon :)))

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A new you is born tomorrow
Stronger than you were back in the day
Kinder than you are today
Along a new road
We continue ahead
Amidst the winds of freedom

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Favoritism isn’t a new thing in AKB48, there always some girls who get a hard push by management for the reasons that they only know. With curent masal graduation and the generation change ‘issue, those who get push have been claimed as the inheritors. Being in spotlight since the start,even before they get a team, everything seems to be served on  a golden plate, but the truth there are a lot of things to pay from pressure from management, comparison with senpais, until get hatred from AKB48’s fans itself. They need a strong mentalo and work very hard to pass the barrier,in the end those who wish to wear the crown must endure its weigh and take a risk


Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

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can we get flawless stuff like “beginner ” again, even  a pretty famous tumblr theme maker like nunmuri using it as an inspiration of one of her theme, the theme title also called ‘begginner’ :”)

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I love you, so I love you
I love you 言葉じゃなくても
愛の音 愛の唄で
君に届け it’s my love song


Jurina for kichie- thank you for sweet bday message

She’s young, different and dangerous

Anonymous asked: The 2shot you reblogged is (unfortunately) not Mariharu. It does look like it but the Japanese fans on Twitter said it's Yuko hugging Kojiharu.

i am sorry for late response, i was too excited since it came from mariko’s twitter, i was already fix it by deleting it, thanks for telling (also to other anons)

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Ohno Satoshi x NMB48 - That moment when everybody was wondering what he was doing… LOL - Music Station 2014.04.18 

NMB’s new member is kinda butch looking

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Kojima Haruna- Yuwaku no garter

ps : Happy Bday Kojiharu!

Happy  26th Birthday to the one and only, Kojiharu

Kojima Haruna. Many people said she’s such a japanese dumb blonde, only famous because she’s pretty, being sily all the time yet people will always forgive her because her stunning beauty. But inside the more you know her, the more you realize that opinion is wrong. She’s not another dumb pretty girl without talent. The truth she’s so smart. She knows how to work her image and marketing herself, representating the sexy dumb beauty is such a genious choice to make her look outstanding. Combining it with her sexy charisma, sweet  voice (despite being one of  main vocal of AKB , I think her singing ability is kind of underated and need more appreciated)and her variety  , she becomes a lovely kojima haruna that everyone (not-so) secretly adore.Kojiharu , i hope you have another great year, happy birthday my sweetheart!